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About Us


The right software for the job…


Continuously striving to make use of the latest technology, Acclaim Graphics, Inc is partnering with the best names in the digital print industry in order to provide all the pre-press hardware and software support you’ll ever need. Send us your files over the internet or bring them to us on any type of disk.


We support Mac & PC files including: PDF, EPS, JPEG, QUARK XPRESS, INDESIGN, TIFF, & PSD. If you have any specific questions regarding files we support, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.


The Technology of Tomorrow…


With the right printer on your side, the results can be pretty amazing. Whether it’s short or long-run, Acclaim Graphics, Inc has the printing technology and know-how to do it right, all without putting a strain on your budget. We can help you choose the right color, paper, binding and finishing to make your job complete. In the end, your printed materials will make quite an impression on your audience.


You know you need a brochure, but not sure exactly how you want it to look? No problem! Whatever the message, we will create the right design to catch the attention of your audience’s eye. From logo design and simple business cards to complex catalog layouts, our in-house designers have the talent to make you look good. They are skilled in today’s most sophisticated design/layout, illustration, scanning and image-editing software. It’s everything you need to look your best.


Short-run, full-color printing is very affordable thanks to new computer-to-press technology. In many cases, your project can be completed and shipped in days, instead of weeks. Whether you need a large or small quantity, we have the printing process that is perfectly matched to your job, your budget and your schedule.


Meet the A.B. DICK, 4995A-ICS, 4-tower press.


We have taken many steps in the past to guarantee that our customers’ needs are fully met. In today’s changing world, technology is the key to success. Now we have taken one giant leap into the future of commercial printing, introducing the NEW A.B. Dick 4995A-ICS 4-color offset press. This versatile press is suitable for short and long-run printing, as well as producing high quality, multi-color prints that you, our customers, will fully appreciate.


One of the professional features of the 4995A-ICS is the computerized Ink Control System (ICS). The Ink Control System, which is conducted from a stand-alone console, allows the pressman to have complete control over the ink fountain. This not only simplifies operations but also guarantees consistent ink balance and color tones throughout the run. Once the proper ink values have been reached, the settings can then be stored on a disk for future reprints of a particular job.


The 4995A-ICS works in conjunction with Ink Volume Setter (IVS) Software and a computer-to-plate (CTP) system. We have been using the A.B. Dick Digital PlateMaster (DPM) technology since 1998, making the transition from computer to the press seamless.


Together the two systems provide the most cost-efficient, highly productive way to deliver good quality, short-run color work to our customers. Along with the new printing technology, we will continue to offer the same great products and services you’ve come to know and trust over the years.


We offer a wide variety of commercial printing and graphic design services. If you would like more information about Acclaim Graphics, Inc and what we offer or about our newest addition, come in, email or contact us. We’ll be glad to add a little color to your life!

Complete customer care...


The beginning of Acclaim Graphics, Inc dates back to 1946 under the name of Fuquay Printing and Office Supply. Since that time, we have taken every step possible to ensure that we are able to accommodate our customers’ needs. In 1992, we may have changed our name to Acclaim Graphics, Inc, but the commitment we have to our customers is not something that will ever need changing. Customer satisfaction will forever be the mainstay at Acclaim Graphics, Inc.


When it comes to transforming your creative ideas into brilliant, professional looking, printed documents, Acclaim Graphics, Inc is truly the right printer for the job.